Logo & Branding

Client: Freelance Client
Highlights: Branding and typography
The Brief: Create a logo for a startup Pastry Chef

My client approached me wanting a logo for their start-up business in the confectionery arts. The brief she gave me to follow was that the logo should look fun and handmade. The colors they wanted to see was purple, teals, and shades of grey. While designing the logo, I also included the element of sprinkles throughout the branding.

My thought for this was to add a recall factor when people see the branding. The client briefed me to make the logo look hand-drawn. This way, it would make the brand feel more personal and handmade. I paired the script font with a light and clean sans-serif font to keep the brand clean and modern.

The elements of the package design I found the most interesting was the cake slice wedge packaging. I worked with the client to use the color on the label and border to signify the cake flavor with that particular style. Everything else was pretty standard to what my client would need moving forward with her business.

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