Logo & Branding

Client: Freelance Client
Highlights: UX/UI Mobile App Design
The Brief: Create an app for customers to communicate with the pastry chef

My client approached me wanting an app design for their start-up business in the confectionery arts. The goal of the app was to give her clients better ways to communicate with her. She also wanted to have a way her clients can use images for reference. This way, my client can go through all the stages between ideation and execution of custom orders.


The app’s design style was based on her Sweet-N branding, so all I would need to do is figure out how it would work. I took the communication aspect of the app and gave it a messaging feature. I wanted the customers to be able to message the pastry chef directly. This way, my client can have a place where she can communicate with customers on one platform. As opposed to the various other platforms, they would have to juggle speaking with multiple customers.


As far as features go, I wanted to incorporate sharing pictures, videos, location, voice, and file sharing. Customers can share the images and videos from within the app’s explore page to easily convey their vision for the pastry chef to understand. Adding a location feature makes sharing delivery/pick-up addresses easier and could link with a GPS app for easy navigation.


The Explore page of the app was inspired by sites similar to Pinterest. Giving people the ability to search for all different kinds of desserts so they can pin them to a mood board. It also creates a space where you can then share those images on the messaging page and send them to the baker.


Throughout the creative process, I’ve learned what it’s like to be in the shoes of a pastry chef. What it takes to deal with customers approaching you from various platforms. Dealing with how to communicate with them to ensure the final design is executed to their standards. Hopefully, this app becomes a reality one day to ease the process from proposal to execution and delivery.

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