OG Sprocket
Event Flyer

Client: Orreon Gooden
Highlights: Typography and Flyer design
The Brief: Create multiple designs for an event flyer that my client can use on his social media pages

I was at a Zoom event where I met Orreon, the DJ, who lives in Austin, Texas. After the event, I reached out to him for any graphic design work he needed. After seeing what I could do, he wanted me to design a flyer he can use as promotional material.

Orreon gave me the copy to use, and I just had to design it. He wanted a purple color scheme with possibly a flat matte look. I chose bold sans-serif fonts so that the design had a modern, clean look. The background images and illustrations were where the purple would come through. Also can be interchanged with new backgrounds to refresh the face of the flyer.

I felt very proud when Orreon loved all the designs I’ve sent him. I had a great experience working with someone online, especially with communication and delivery.

You can find DJ Sprocket on Instagram: @theogsprocket

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