Hot Oven Logo & Branding
Client: Freelance Client
Highlights: Branding and typography
The Brief: Create a logo for a startup bakery within the Phillippines

While working at a bakery, a co-worker approached me to design a logo for people he knew in the Philippines who aspired to create a start-up bakery of their own.

The clients gave me full creative freedom to design the logo. The only restraint was that they wanted to call the company Hot Oven. This project’s main challenge was that I had no direct communication or feedback from the clients. I was hoping to have more back and forth feedback with them.

When designing the logo, I knew I wanted to incorporate heat as a visual element. At first, I started with an oven coil’s mindset to evolve into the flame. I saw the opportunity to use the O’s negative space as either a torch handle or match stick to put the flame above it.

The color scheme I wanted to go with for the design was the flag colors of the Philippines. I wanted the typography to help make the logo more modern but with a touch of zeal, ideally conveying playful energy.

This project, unfortunately, was not used by the clients in the end. Overall, I feel proud of my design and how it all came together.

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