Design Manifesto

Client: School Project
Highlights: Typography and Poster design
The Brief: Create a visual portrayal of my design manifesto

This project was one that I’m proud of due to its creative aspect. The concept was to create a design manifesto as a poster. The easy part was to list some core tenants of my creative process and my life rules I like to follow. Creating the poster as a visual was the more difficult part.

While I was brainstorming, I was thinking about my history as a graphic designer. I remembered that when I was younger, I originally wanted to be a web designer. I knew how to code sites back when Dreamweaver was popular. Eventually, my interests lead me down the path of being a graphic designer more, considering I can be creative in many more mediums.

My design is simple; I incorporated the path I once had with the direction I’m leading down currently. The left half is the HTML code, and the right is displaying the code as its final design. The color palette was based on the Lion Theme in Brackets with the type emulating code font. The right side is a clean sans-serif font on a white textured background because I tend to lean on those aesthetics more often than not.

Overall, I think the design does a good job portraying my design manifesto while also adding personality.

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