Hey There!

I’m Dave, an aspiring creative director, and using my passion for graphic design to get there. I love using design to help improve other people’s lives and be creative with other like-minded people. My main focus is branding, typography, and creative direction.

My life as a designer has been a rollercoaster ride. In my time studying to become a graphic designer, I’ve dealt with living independently, which has taught me a more profound sense of independence in the early years. Halfway through my program, my father passed away, which added family matters I had to deal with while studying. I also was fortunate enough to purchase a home and undergo months of renovations. I learned discipline, time management, conflict resolution, and dealing with stress from those experiences.

Whenever I need to take my mind off work, I love to go outside and take a walk to clear my head. It helps me filter what’s going on and also observe being out to find more inspiration. Other things that keep me busy are playing video games and going to the gym.

David Brynczka
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